QuietStream Financial Announces Successful Exit From Radian Generation

QuietStream Financial (QuietStream), a privately held company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, today announces that it has successfully exited its investment in Radian Generation (RadianGen) through a new round of growth equity investment by Solar Plus International (Solar Plus).

RadianGen is an independent asset management and O&M firm headquartered in San Francisco. The company provides comprehensive software and services to solar project owners across the United States and has plans to expand into Europe and Asia. Chad Sachs, CEO of RadianGEN, said “This investment provides us with the funding and strategic support to ensure that we can continue to grow with customers and remain a leading solar service provider.”

QuietStream first invested in RadianGen in September 2013.  Rob Finlay, CEO of QuietStream and former member of the RadianGen board of directors, remarked, “The redemption of QuietStream’s 60% interest in RadianGen for a 3x multiple in just two and half years showcases our team’s skill in taking a good idea and solid management team from start-up to market leader to successful exit in a very short period of time. We believe RadianGen has found a great partner in Solar Plus for the next phase in its growth and development, and we wish them well.”


About QuietStream Financial

QuietStream Financial is a national real estate services company headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. The organization provides acute detail and expertise in alternative asset management services and structured finance products for commercial real estate owners, brokers, financial institutions and investors. To learn more visit www.quietstreamfinancial.com

Source: QuietStream Financial