DefeaseWithEase--Commercial Defeasance, LLC Continues as Top Defeasance Facilitator

Market leader, DefeaseWithEase, anticipates high defeasance volume in 2016.

Since pioneering the defeasance consulting industry in 2000, Commercial Defeasance, LLC continued its streak as the top CMBS defeasance facilitator. Over the past 16 years, DefeaseWithEase has an accumulated market share of 60%, closing over 8,000 defeasance transactions with securities portfolios totaling more than $82 billion. Jeff Lee, Chief Operating Officer, was encouraged by deal volume in 2015, “Our team had another strong year, closing over 600 defeasance transactions, which represents nearly 45% of the total CMBS defeasance market.” 

“Volume contributes to our ability to provide greater efficiencies, transparency and cost savings—by leveraging our long standing relationships in the industry we provide every client with the purchasing power of major fixed income securities buyers and the most experienced deal team to handle every detailed aspect of defeasance closing,” said Mark Kurowski, Director of Originations. “As an independent consultant, Borrowers, attorneys and Brokers have relied on our unbiased representation for an unmatched experience year after year.”

With plenty of upcoming loan maturities, coupled with a rebounding CMBS credit market, 2016 defeasance volume is expected to remain strong through the third quarter followed by an uncertain fourth quarter that could mimic 2015. 

“As CMBS issuance decreased 30% this quarter, compared to 2015, we saw a slight dip in defeasance volume as clients put their defeasance transactions on hold in search of alternative or more attractive financing,” said Deal Manager, Emily Bumgardner. “These transactions are now coming back to life and volume is ticking back up as CMBS is making a turnaround. Borrowers are motivated to lock in at attractive rates, and they are becoming increasingly more concerned about future loan availability as we work through this wall of maturities.”

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To download the latest Moody’s Investor Services report on 2015 defeasance activity click here.

About DefeaseWithEase

DefeaseWithEase was founded in 2000 to assist commercial real estate owners with CMBS defeasance and offers expertise in securities structuring and execution. Their exceptional proactive transaction management saves time and money and allows the borrower, broker, and legal counsel to focus on the sale or refinance with complete confidence that the defeasance will close on schedule. Learn more at

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